Will do it again, however I must say that I didn’t do justice to the recipe as I didn’t have all ingredients (fresh coriander, mint and preserved lemons).




It doesn’t contain strawberries and scrambled eggs. I reckon this would be a rival to lovefood.


brushed with garlic, olive oil and parsley


the picture is nothing special, but the taste was. To go with a refreshing white wine.

to keep myself busy I baked an orange cake. fool proof recipe.



150g butter, sieved flour, sugar

3 eggs

1 orange (skin grated and juice of one half)

1 tbs royal bi-carb


Pre-heat oven 180ºC (no fan)

Beat soft butter with sugar until fluffy. Add grated orange and juice of half an orange. Add eggs one by one, beating each time. At the end add flour softly. Pop in the oven for ~30 min.

Once cool and on the plate, make several holes with a skewer and pour in orange juice.